Welcome to Shalom Television

Dear Shalom Television viewers

First of all, we like to thank you for watching Shalom Television over the Internet. We started delivering Shalom television through internet since 2008. Since then, the viewership has increased tremendously and spread around the world. Currently, people from around 130 countries are watching Shalom Television through the internet or other way of broadcasting. In addition, we have improved our website to provide more videos to our viewers. We currently have about 400 to 500 videos available in our website. We have some great news to share with you. Shalom Television is now available through IOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod), Androids, Blackberry, and IPTV (Roku). In addition, Shalom Television has started to broadcast in Eastern Standard Time since December 24, 2011. This new channel is called “Shalom America.” All these couldn’t have been done without your prayers, financial support, and God’s blessing. Thank you for your valuable support. We have received many positive feedbacks from our viewers regarding the service we provide to the public for FREE. Thousands are influenced by Shalom Television, and found peace and God in their lives. Praise the Lord! Our goal is to provide the best viewing experience to our viewers using the best technology and resources available currently. We would like to answer some of the frequently asked questions.


Q: What are the requirements to watch Shalom through internet?

A: High Speed Internet (1000kbps or 1Mbps download speed). Latest Adobe Flash Player Installed (http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/). Latest Operating System preferred (PC: Windows XP or later, Mac: Mac OS X, Linux: Latest). Make sure pop-up for Shalom Television (www.shalomtv.tv) is allowed. JavaScript is allowed on your browser.

Q: How can I check my internet speed?

A: Please visit http://www.speedtest.net/ and click begin test. You will get results in few seconds. We are broadcasting our Internet TV at 600kbps speed. If you are below that speed, you may face buffering. As mentioned above, you need a minimum of 1000kbps/1Mbps internet speed in order to watch video without interferenc

Q: I see too much buffering on the Shalom TV Stream. Why do I face this issue?

A: There could be several reasons as to why the stream is buffering for you. There is a very high chance that there is no problem at the server end. Therefore, it is always better to start troubleshooting at your end. Ensure that no processes that require too much CPU or Disc performance are running on your system. Typically in slower systems, a background Antivirus Scan is running or too many open applications can cause video and audio performance degrades. Shalom TV video stream has to buffer (store data) into your system to work, and the faster it buffers, the faster you see it without breaks or blank screens. Another possibility is that even if your system is fine, your link could be congested. If you have other streaming sites (windows media streaming and flash video streaming) which are working fine, then this might not be the issue. For link issues you might need to get in touch with your ISP and also, you can use bandwidth check utilities like www.speedtest.net to check your net speed. Speed test gives you the speed, not the quality of your link, which is important when you need to view streaming content through the web. Most of the time, the buffering is caused due to your low internet speed.

Q: Stream is stuck/hang after 30 minutes. What should I do?

A: Please refresh the browser. If that does not work, restart your browser. Make sure your internet is working properly. If any of these do not work, send us a message at support@shalomtelevision.com

Q: Do I need to download JW Player to watch Shalom TV?

A: No. JW Player is a flash/html5 enabled video player that streams videos through internet. If you have latest browsers and flash player installed on your computer, you should be able to watch live.

Q: Why do I see a time delay on the stream from the over-the-air broadcasts?

A: We send our over-the-air signal to a streaming company. They process it and then we send it out over the web. This creates some delay. More delay is caused intentionally to allow the tuner a “buffer,” which picks up scrambled bits and then reassembles them so that it sounds as if nothing has been missed in the process. Believe it or not, this complicated process creates fewer dropouts!

Q: I log onto the Shalom website everyday and keep the Shalom Internet TV on even if I am not really watching. Is this okay?

A: We are glad that you are watching Shalom Web TV. However, if you are not watching WebTV, please close the window or stop streaming. This could lead to more resource usage from our side and limits the availability to others. Therefore, if you are not watching, please stop the player so that no additional expenses are incurred.

Q: Now I see two channels; Shalom India and Shalom America. What is the difference?

A: Shalom India is broadcasting at Indian Standard Time and more focused on people in India while Shalom America is broadcasting at Eastern Standard Time and focused on people in North America. We have separate schedules for both channels so that you will be able to follow both channels at your own time.

Shalom India: www.shalomtv.tv/live | Shalom America: www.shalomus.org

Q: Why is Shalom Television not broadcasting more English oriented programs?

A: Shalom TV India is a local channel that is targeted at the Malayalam speaking people. Therefore, only minimum English content is there. However, Shalom America has no such restrictions. You will be able watch more English programs from Shalom America in the future.

Q: Is Shalom TV available on Mobile and Tablets?

A: Yes, they are. Shalom TV is now available on iphone3, 3G, 4, 4S, iPod, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets, and Blackberry phones. We have recently changed our mobile links. Please visit our website for latest link. https://shalomtv.tv/mobile.

Q: I’ve emailed you a question, comment, complaint or compliment and haven’t heard back from you today! Why?

A: We wish we could respond to everyone immediately, but we do not have 24/7 customer support. Please know that we appreciate all feedback and will try to get back to everyone as quickly as possible. Contact us with any suggestions or complaints at support@shalomtelevision.com

Q: How can you give away Shalom’s video streams for free?

A: They are not free. It costs us thousands of dollars to deliver free Internet TV for you. Your donations keep these streams going. Broadband is not cheap. It costs a few cents for every minute you watch one of our live streams. Feel free to donate to keep this service alive. Your financial support, prayers and continuous encouragement will be greatly appreciated. We are counting on you for all our future endeavors in taking the Good News to God’s people.